Rest and rejuvenate during Thermotherapy Month at Winnipeg’s Thermëa - Thermëa's Iceber waterfall (Mike Peters)

Thermëa's Iceber waterfall (Mike Peters)

By: Only in the Peg October 4, 2018 // Spas

As that temperature continues to slide down toward freezing, the thought of standing beneath an icy cold waterfall might not seem ideal. 

That being said, we are about to convince you to do just that, because it’s one step in Thermëa’s thermal cycle, which is the key to rejuvenating your body and bringing on that all important feeling of total tranquil bliss.

Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature is surely one of the finest spas in Canada, and is Winnipeg’s only outdoor spa. The whole facility is simply stunning, reminiscent of an alpine ski lodge with handsome wood buildings housing steam rooms, thermal relaxation chambers and unique Nordic saunas, all surrounding pools of varying temperatures and a log hut with a constantly burning fireplace. In fact, there are fireplaces found throughout the facility, filling the air with the toasty aromas of burning birch. 

Thermotherapy Month

Nearly all of these elements can be incorporated into the thermal cycle – the equation being “Hot + Cold + Rest = Wellness,” based upon 2,000-year-old Nordic traditions – which ambassadors will be onsite to guide you through for all of October as Thermëa celebrates Thermotherapy Month. 

With Thermëa’s relaxation experts you can discover just what elements of the thermal cycle will work best for your body. 

For instance, your first venture into a thermal cycle could include five minutes in the Vaporo – where orange or eucalyptus vapours will invigorate you, followed by a refreshing stroll on the outside pathways under the autumn leaves, then a tea and seat in the Relaxa pavilion. Later, you could go for glory with a big temperature swing that could include an Aufguss ritual (held six times daily) in the Finlandia Finnish sauna, followed by a polar plunge beneath the Iceber waterfall, then a little r&r in one of Thermëa’s heated hammocks. 

Guided thermal cycles will be available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. By taking a guided experience, you will officially become Thermal Cycle Certified, getting you a 15 per cent discount on your next visit to the spa. 

More reasons why Thermëa rocks… you gently like a baby to sleep

The great thing about heading to Thermea is you should be prepared to do the bare minimum. The most arduous task ahead of you will be putting your stuff in a locker and slipping into flip flops and a robe (which we highly recommend you rent onsite; their hooded robes are just so luxurious).

Once in your robe, you can explore the whole facility – which includes dining in the exceptional Restö (in your robe!) while savouring holistic, often locally sourced dishes by chef Thomas Stuart (who you can catch competing in the upcoming Canada’s Great Kitchen Party) from the extensive menu. They have everything from hearty mains – with plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options – to charcuterie and cheese boards ideal for sharing, to delicious lighter desserts, to the option of composing your own s’mores at any one of Thermëa's many fire pits. 

A recent addition to the Restö is a new lounge area, with a fine craft cocktail menu and well-curated wine and beer list (both of which are also available in the restaurant), that is all centered around a charming fireplace, making it an ideal area this winter.

The whole facility is tailored for total relaxation. Along with the aforementioned heated hammocks (but seriously, how sweet is that?) and outdoor fireplaces, all the buildings house details that will make your stay luxurious. There are gourmet teas found throughout, stations to fill your water bottle (so bring one with you to stay hydrated) and thermal chairs replete with headphones that provide a tranquil soundtrack. Adjacent to the Vaporo rooms (aromatic steam saunas) you’ll also find an exfoliation room, where you can apply salt scrubs to rejuvenate the skin. 

Utilizing all of this, while periodically embarking on the thermal cycle, will surely put you into a state of #bliss (as the kids would tag on Instagram), while within the main building you can also book all manner of spa treatments – from Swedish, hot stone and deep tissue massages (to name but a few), to body treatments like facials (the Lumëa in particular will leave your skin radiating), to Himalayan salt treatments.

Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature is open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, and is located at 775 Crescent Drive. For locals, be on the lookout for the announcement of their New Year’s Eve event – which goes on sale next month and sells out fast – while you can also pick up gift certificates online and at kiosks in CF Polo Park, St. Vital Shopping Centre, and Kildonan Place.