Alleyways Market in The Exchange is one sweet street shopping experience - Photo Courtesy of Exchange District Biz

Photo Courtesy of Exchange District Biz

By: Riley ChervinskiJune 7, 2018 // Shopping

“The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker…” once, you knew them only from the catchy children’s rhyme (something about a tub?), but now you’ll find them, along with a thoughtfully curated collection of other makers, artists and local food producers in Winnipeg’s Exchange District at the Alleyways Market this summer.

Think half farmers market and half curated pop-up shop, add in the beautiful brick backdrop of North America’s largest and best preserved collection of heritage buildings and you’ve got an awesome outdoor evening market, put on by  The Exchange District BIZ in partnership with Luckygirl POP UP over four Fridays this season. 

From candles to craft cocktail mixes, flowers to farm-fresh food, just-squeezed juice to jewelry, and a seriously sweet collection of vintage clothing (where someone in our office successfully snagged a few funky pairs of denim cut-offs), more than 50 of The Peg’s best makers take over the space in the back lane at Elgin Avenue in the east Exchange. And trust us, this space is prime—an otherwise ignored and largely underused alleyway in the city is transformed into a vibrant, bustling hub and the result is both functional and brilliant.

As you wander through the market be sure to check out a few of our faves, like Abiding Citizen’s small batch celery shrub (bringing your gin & tonic game to the next level), the deliciously crisp housemade beet chips from Chew/The Store Next Door, and Dconstruct jewlery with their fun, playful statement earrings.

A colourful, eye-catching spread of prairie-grown veggies from Wild Earth Farms, Boogelay Acres, and Hearts and Roots make the market an easy place to stop after work and stock (or, stalk—ha!) up on veggies before a backyard BBQ or weekend trip to the lake.

Sun is setting. The lights are on. And it's full of people. It's magical.

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Truly, the only beef we have (and that’s local, naturally raised and grass-fed) is that the market happens just four times a year. Upcoming dates are June 29, July 27, and September 7.

For us extremely eager Exchangers, the area also plays host to a number of other events this summer, including the TD International Jazz Festival (June 14-24), First Fridays in the Exchange, Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition Festival (August 16-19) and the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival (July 18-29). Plus, you don’t really need a reason to go grab a river city brisket from King + Bannatyne or a pineapple coconut fritter from Bronuts any day of the week.