Top 5 reasons for UND students to head to Winnipeg for Spring Break -

Top 5 reasons for UND students to head to Winnipeg for Spring Break

By: Only in the Peg February 23, 2018 // Nightlife

You down with UND? Yeah, you know me!*

You down with UND? Yeah, you know me!

Who's down with UND? Peg City! (And pronounce that last one Peg Sit-Teh!) 

Attention University of North Dakota students (and any other college-age kids in the good old U S of A for that matter). Now that we’ve buttered you up (Friendly Manitoba is our motto) we’d like to draw your attention to this little listicle we’ve come up which explains why you should be heading up to Winnipeg for Spring Break. 

Located just 145 miles north of you (we are so accommodating, we’ve used miles here instead of kilometres), Winnipeg takes only around two hours to drive to, while right now your dollar is worth $1.26 Canadian, meaning you can have all the fun at about 25 per cent off! Plus, in general there is no passport needed to cross the boarder by car, you  just need a valid government issued ID

So without further ado, check out this enticing top 5:

1. Think of us as “The Mexico of the North.” Sure, we may not have the beaches in winter (but we sure do in summer,  click here for more on that) and the Riviera Maya might be a bit warmer at the moment, but what we do have in common is the same age of majority (18) and some pretty reasonable prices when it comes to a night out on the town. Plus, you can still be outside in your bathing suit at Thermëa, Winnipeg's gorgeous Nordic spa. 

2. (As a follow up to #1) This means you can go clubbing, visit over a dozen breweries, head out on the town on a Winnipeg Tasting Tour and access a bunch of other big kid things that you are denied (if you are between 18 and 21) in the United States. 

3.  Our clubs biggest and best clubs, including 441 Main, The World-Famous Palomino Club (that’s its actual name; it is that renowned), and Fame, much like Diddy – can’t stop, won’t stop. 

4.  Live Music – Outside of perhaps Nashville and Newfoundland, Winnipeg has more live acts playing per night per capita than anywhere else in North America, with clubs including the Good Will Social ClubThe Pyramid CabaretThe CavernThe Handsome DaughterLe Garage Café, the Park Theatre, and Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club.

5. Brunch – Let’s call a spade a spade, you are going to need a good place to go to the morning after your night out, and here in Winnipeg, we’ve made an art of the hangover breakfast. Clementine (123 Princess Street), is one of the best brunch spots in all of Canada (it made a prominent list of  Canada’s best new restaurants last year) and is a place where the fried chicken toast and burger dip are two of the best things you will eat all year (we guarantee). Stella’s is an institution found throughout the city where all the breads, pastries, etc, are baked in house; at Miss Browns (288 William Avenue) breakfast is served all day and they have killer breakfast sandwiches, smoked meat hashes, and a super delicious shakshuka; Tallest Poppy and Sherbrook Street Deli are located right across the street from each other and are awesome food wise while having that hipster charm; while at Falafel Place (1101 Corydon Avenue) being rushed from your table after your meal is all part of the ambiance (even the New York Times loved it).

So who needs to head south this March when all you are really looking for can be found up north (plus, we guarantee almost as much sunshine – for we are one of the sunniest spots in Canada). We have great  Spring Break deals for hotels on now so book today!

*We apologize if this reference in our lede has dated us. We assure you that Naughty by Nature was, and still is, a big deal, even though OPP came out in 1991, approximately 10 years before most of the audience for this article was born.