A Xennial’s Guide to Winnipeg - Just a bunch of Xennials having a drink on the rooftop patio of Forth (Mike Peters)

Just a bunch of Xennials having a drink on the rooftop patio of Forth (Mike Peters)

By: Tourism Winnipeg's Marketing Department September 7, 2017 // Attractions, Family Fun, Festivals & Events

There was a collective, "ah, so that is why we are the way we are" in our marketing department this summer when it was announced that there is a newly classified demographic cohort, one to be sandwiched between Gen Xers and those pesky Millennials.   

In case you hadn’t read all the hoopla, this newly minted mini generation are the Xennials, people who were born between 1977 and 1983 and who – including almost our entire marketing department – can neither perfectly relate to our analog-only-until-adulthood predecessors, and those soon-to-be Snap-chatting kids who came after. 

Because this new category that we all fit into made us feel special (aside from having an Internet and cell phone-less childhood, another Xennial trait is surely the need to assert our moral supremacy) we’ve come up with a list of things us Xennials like to do for you 30-something tourists who are coming to the city. 

Without further ado, here is our staff’s picks for the unofficial Xennial guide to Winnipeg. 

Cody Chomiak, Director of Marketing, Born 1983.

Xennial cred: Owned the Goonies on VHS; can probably beat you at GoldenEye on Nintendo 64 (using the real way to play -- that being Licence to Kill mode using only silenced PP7s); has watched The Goonies – which the Guardian dubs Citizen Kane of Xennial films – too many times to count.  

- Across the Board Café – I’m a board games nerd and this place has it all, which Includes libations. 

- Speaking of drinks, other musts are The Roost for cocktails, The Common at the Forks – as it makes any group happy as they can all order exactly what they want. 

- Exchange District Biz’s Design Quarter Tour – There’s a lot to be proud of in this trendy city, and this tour provides a real showcase. 

So excited to launch the @designqwpg #discoverthequarter tonight!

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Gillian Chester, Manager of Communications and Travel Media, born 1982.

Xennial cred: Still has both a Rainbow Brite playset and bedsheets; can imitate Beastly and Shrieky from Care Bears like no one’s business.  

- Winnipeg Tasting Tours/local microbreweries: Our beer palates are refined and these are more laid-back places where you can enjoy a beverage without a wild party vibe. 

- Forth: Amazing Dogwood coffee & avocado toast, beautiful space to host meetings or type away on your laptop or savour some craft cocktails in the trendy basement bar or the best-kept secret in town – the rooftop patio! 

- Lennard Taylor: Edgy, yet sophisticated fashion designs handmade in the Exchange District 

- Winnipeg Folk Festival: The Winnipeg littles who grew up frolicking in the fields of Folk Fest, and then returned as college students banging drums all night at the campground are now bringing their own tots to continue WFF traditions. Kids under 12 are free, which is huge on the wallet!

Hanging around at main stage, watching the sun set over stars. #folkfesthappy Photo by @davidquiring

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- Ten Spa: Hello couples night out hamam treatment! We now have enough money to spoil ourselves.

- Stella’s any time of day: Whether savouring a power lunch, brunching with fam jam, grabbing fresh bread and treats for home, or gabbing with friends over a chai latte, there’s a Stellas in all the cool neighbourhoods offering housemade, healthy meals for everyone.

- St. Norbert Farmers’ Market – addictive kettle corn and entertainment for the kiddos, fresh groceries straight from the farmer for the week are a win-win compared to those painful trips to the grocery store.

- Splash pads, splash pads, splash pads – free, fun and found in every neighbourhood, including Parks Canada’s Variety Heritage Adventure Playground at The Forks. 

Karen Allen, Graphic Designer, born 1983

Xennial cred: Proud Popple owner; refuses to throw out her Hanson and Spice Girls CDs; her MSN Messenger screenname was Little Miss Independent Super Chick. 

- McNally Robinson: still the best bookstore I’ve ever visited and they host a lot of amazing writers from across North America.

- Tiny Feast: this is the shop for anyone who loves design. Everything is beautifully displayed and they sell Tattly tattoos, Uppercase Magazine and Leuchtturm notebooks.

Still life.

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- Thom Bargen (on Graham): lots of natural light, the greenery wall and delicious coffee make this simply the best place to sit and read or people watch.

- GJ Andrews: best cheese counter in the city and you can find all sorts of lovely foodie things there. Their steaks are also to die for.

- Wellington Crescent on Sunday in summer: the best way to get to Assiniboine Park for a picnic is to bike down Wellington Crescent. It’s closed to traffic on Sundays and holidays during summer, so you can amble along and look at all the great homes along that street.

Mike Green, Manager of Creative Communications and Social Media, born 1982.

Xennial cred: Grew up watching the Ewoks movies and Twin Peaks episodes that his parents had taped on Betamax; still has a Hotmail account that he uses; had a big-time crush on Natalie Imbruglia (of which he’s no longer "Torn"); and once thought he was the greatest Tekken 3 player until he ventured inside the arcades of Tokyo in 2004.  

- An obvious choice, but watching the bears swim overhead at the Journey to Churchill. I usually only get to go when hosting travel writers, but now that my wife and I have a baby our little guy better get used to sitting in the stroller under the Sea Ice Passage on weekends in winter for hours. 

- Hot flow classes at Moksha Yoga (my favourite instructors in the city) and TRX classes at Yoga Public (because they never let you slack off).

- Festival du Voyageur – hands down, my favourite time of the year in the city. I’ve discovered to many great bands here, like The Dead South and Sweet Crude (nice work Julien!), while locals like my buddy Matty Colpits (The Reverend Rambler) always put on insane shows. Admittedly, the day after judging the Rendez-vous des chefs (the pea soup contest) I do feel a bit salty.  

- The Royal Winnipeg Ballet – we bought season tickets two years ago and it was a great decision. The performance last year of Dracula in particular was outstanding; I loved how the second act opened with a satirical, briskly narrated retelling of the Bram Stoker tale.  

- All the food – see Peg City Grub for more details, but special shout-outs this year for the grape and blue cheese pizza from Super Deluxe, the sourdough bread from Penny Loaf, ramen lunches at Yujiro and Scott Bagshaw/Enoteca’s beautiful Instagram account which will give you some serious plating envy. 

Tyler Walsh, Manager of Digital and Content Marketing, born 1981.

Xennial cred: owned a My Buddy doll, the original Game Boy and a Sega Genesis (with NHL 93, aka one of the all-time greats, particularly for Al McInnis’ slap shot). Will argue that The Secret of the Ooze was the best Ninja Turtles movie – by far – and that Can’t Hardly Wait (1998) is the most accurate movie depiction of high school life ever.

- Take a morning trip through time at The Manitoba Museum where you can actually board a life-size 17th century replica ketch, theNonsuch, a stroll through the 1920s era Urban Gallery feels like a real city block, and Touch the Universe -- er, the Science Gallery, is a must.

- Lunch at Nuburger at the Common – which is hip enough to make you a “cool” parent but something the kids will most certainly enjoy.  

- A trip to Kite and Kaboodle (because we know you want that LEGO set too, dad). 

- Late afternoon Splash Dash Boat tours so you couples can hold hands and pretend you’re on vacation alone together while your kids are occupied enjoying the fresh air, sights and sounds of a ride down Winnipeg’s rivers.  

Nothing unusual to see here. Just a bison being vacuumed. #MuseumLife

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Kelly Krebs, Project Manager of Marketing & Communications, Born 1977

Xennial Cred: had a tonne of My Little Ponies and still remembers the names of all of them; favorite arcade game was Pac Man and played it on Atari; recorded videos from Video Hits after school (sat waiting for the favorite video to come on and then you had to press play and record on the VCR at the same time in order for it record).

- Assiniboine Park Zoo:  You can spend hours watching the polar bears play in the water 

- The Forks:  shopping in the Forks Market, great dining kiosks, the riverwalk 

- Patios down Corydon Avenue.  

- Folklorama: great to experience all the different cultures over a two week period

- Hermetic Code Tour: it’s a great way to learn about all the hidden symbols in the legislative building

---~{Hidden in Plain View}~--- What an amazing tour that Dr. Frank Albo @astanamyth put on last night at the Manitoba Legislative Building. I'm still trying to grasp and put together all the details that he pointed out. Subtle little clues and hidden secrets everywhere, that building truly is spectacular. I can't wait to start reading his book "The Hermetic Code" and look at all of these elements in more detail. I'd like to thank @kyleschappert for the invite and I'd like to once again thank Dr, Albo for putting on that amazing tour. #nikon #nikonphotography #winnipeg #manitoba #legislativebuilding #manitobalegislativebuilding #hermeticcode #hermeticcodetour #wpgnow #wpgcity #tourismwinnipeg #trailsmb #trailsmanitoba #travelmanitoba #winnipeghistory #goldenboy #hermes #sphynx #temple #hiddeninplainview

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